Online dating has proved to be successful in facilitating long term relationships. However, any good thing has its opposing force hence there are some cons of online dating. Despite many resounding pros there are recorded online dating cons as well. Overall, online dating pros out weighs the cons and here we look at both aspects.

Online dating pros

Meet singles easily

Online dating is the best way of falling in love easily than traditional ways. One of the online dating advantages is the exposure to many ready love seekers. Online dating connects soul mates of any type, race, interracial, lifestyles, shared values and reaches any Geo location.

Match making

Love matching techniques are accurate in matching online dating love seekers. Above the matching mechanism love seekers can manually select their own soulmates. In addition online dating has a pro of using latest communication software tools such as instant messengers and live videos.

Chats rooms and videos

Online dating soul mates can use online chats, video sharing, emails and chat rooms. Another online dating advantage is that it is ideal for busy professionals. There are high chances of meeting a person you share with the same ideologies and life values. Online dating proves that long distance love affairs are feasible through technology.

Profile verification

One major pro of online premium dating is risk analysis and verified photos and videos of all members. The advent of google maps can help lovers authentic places of residence and date venues. In terms of online dating safety most countries have personal background checks for online sex offenders and scammers.


Online Dating cons

Free online dating sites are prone to a huge volume of scammers and fake accounts holders since no fees are paid. Online dating has a high likely hood of love mates portraying what they are not. It is not easy to ascertain someone’s character, attitude and habits online. Online dating love seekers learn more of their partners during the course of dating. Online dating makes it difficult to gauge intangible factors and true attraction.

Free online dating platforms

Our vision is to fulfil your dream of find your soul mate. We live in a free world where there are some free services. Though it is cheap to find dates on a free online dating websites at times it comes at a price. We do not recommend 100% free online dating platforms for the following risks and reasons below.

100% free online dating risks

– Lover seekers sex is not verified
– Soul mate profiles are not verified
– Proof of residence is not verified
– Personal background checks are not done like sexual offenders, conmen, conwomen and murderers
– Online dating scammers are not filtered

Why paid online dating is best?

These reasons above pose danger to serious online singles seeking men or women. The end result is disappointments and a ‘web of lies’ scenarios. Hence true, genuine and real love in most cases comes at price and premium online dating is the way. There are online dedicated teams to guide and ensure safe and reliable online dating pleasure.



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