Flirting tips

Have good online dating profile

Create a good and impressive profile highlighting your good qualities. Avoid showing off and be genuine about yourself. Briefly outline what kind of soul mate you are searching for. Also mention what type of relationship you are seeking leaving a room for soul mates to discover you.

Upload a perfect profile photo

A profile without a photo is simply ignored by lover seekers. Old photos are also not recommended upload your latest picture. It is a good idea to upload a passport sized photo for a better facial clarification. A full body photo defeats the impression of a passport sized. Have a photo shot on outside on daytime as this increase clearness thus allowing better attraction.

Common first dates fears

Clothing mishaps

When going for a date make sure you clothing is decent with no chances of indecent exposure. For ladies if you favour cleavage exposing blouse make sure it is a bit tight. Loose coverage to that part of the body might lead to popping up of your breast. For men the main advice is to dress properly not too casual, dressing casual make the date of less value. Avoid putting on shorts and tracksuits as this portrays a negative effect to your partner.

Dating drinking habits

Poor drinking habits lead to spoiling of your clothes through spilling of drinks. Take it easy no rush since spoiled clothing affects your self-confidence. In the event of taking beer or any alcoholic drink avoid taking too much too many. A drunken mind state may lead you to be too talkative and losing your senses. Note that some people are not comfortable with drunken people around them.

Bad breath

Bad breath is caused by many issues such as dry mouth and dehydrated body. In some instances a tooth decay give raise to bad breath as well as medical other conditions. If you are aware bad breath rather takes some fresh breath sweets and gums on top of well brushed tooth.

Be punctual

Being on time is the best way to have a successful date. Lateness changes the mood of the date as there will be too much anxiety. Some people with high blood pressure are affected by anxiety leading to instances of sudden health issues. In addition getting to a date sweating profusely is not idle for a good date. Hence, it is imperative to be on time make sure you check traffic and roads conditions leading to your dating venue.

First approach tricks

Flirt online dating singles with the best and appropriate words. Make sure you give a good impression to your date by avoiding stereotype introductions. Stereotype words like ‘Hi’ or ‘hi there’ or ‘Whats up’ rather be funny. Find something positive about your soul mate and base your messages on those facts. In addition learn more about your target’s interest and create a conversation around that. Romantically send a link of his or her best song this way your will be creating a strong attraction.

Avoid mentioning your past

Regular mentioning of your past lover will put off your new lover. Avoid at all costs as this makes your lover uncomfortable and feel not loved. To him or her it will seem as if you are still attached to your previous relationship. Your partner will feel like gap filler. Focus on the current relationship expecting a long lasting relationship. Most singles find this technique useful on online dating.

Be original

Pretending to be who you are not is the worst practice. Maintain yourself, originality; do not portray what you are not. Make sure your profile photo is not shot in wealthy background unless it really belongs to you. Such misrepresentations will mislead your soul mate and your relationship might not last. Do not impress people with who you are not. Being real on online dating sites will yield positive results. In addition originality will increase chances of being matched perfectly.

Love seekers meetup

Be cautious when it comes to meeting your soulmate. If you do not have a strong background of the person rather have friends or relative accompany you. Else, meet as a group in a secure place until you begin to trust your targeted lover.

On your first date

Offline dating is a result of online dating where soul mates have a physically encounter. The guideline to the venue must be based on your partner’s places of interests. However, avoid overcrowded and noise places. These places make your date unpleasant and might affect your conversation. Choose a quite romantic place like a restaurant, beach or park whose atmosphere is conducive. Keep it simple, be full of confidence and do not be nervous. Your conversation must be focused on what you want to achieve. First thing is to bond and let nature take its course. Rushed proposal will not yield positive as most soul mate feel being cheap.

Flirting tips

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