Dating Apps

video-validationThe continuing increase in popularity of smart phones and mobile devices has given rise to match making programs. More people now own smartphones and mobile devices loaded with the best love matching systems for 2019. This lessen the hurdle for love seekers as they are always in connection, accessing singles profiles and information whilst on the go.

Top 5 Online dating apps

  1. Tinder: The most popular love matching application that has brought high dimensions than other systems. It has easy features to initiate chats with other online singles.
  2. Bumble: Has brought a unique love searching way which has fascinated most love seekers. Once, you are online you start enjoy building valuable relationships.
  3. Hinge: A free online meetup app that also integrates searches with social media like Facebook. Provision of online chats with potential matches It has an intelligent comp-ability features and does like your interests from social media its system.
  4. Happn: This a fascinating romantic app that has brought smiles to many soul mates over the world. Its main strength is 100% accurate match making with resultant long term relationships.
  5. Wingman : An ultimate matchmaking app that has taken the romantic world by storm. Its does provides hordes of potential singles to propose love to. The love software has a top-notch design with extra features to suit your desires.

Pros and cons of dating apps

– They are easy to use, load content faster and provide better experiences.
– The system provide constant online presence that a dater will never miss on profile updates and new soul mates.
– The software greater performance because they are faster than websites.
– The applications are less cluttered that is they have less information making them love seekers friendly.
– The software stores profiles for better offline viewing be it in a plane or no network area.
– A higher percentage of singles and love seekers use love matching software’s.
– Soul mates are always active as their smartphones are always at hand.
– They are easily downloaded from app stores such as iTunes, Google Play, and Facebook app store.


Disadvantages of dating apps

– Outdated software will not work on the latest smartphones, tablets, i-pads and i-phones.
– Difficult to set up and configure.
– Software require frequent updates due to advances in technology.
– Excellent apps are expensive though there are some freeware to use.
– Predators and scammers make use of these programmed systems to easily lure their next victims.

How to avoid app abuse?

Personal background checks must be done thoroughly in order to scrutinise scammers. Of importance, is to double check and verify with other social profiles of your target if there is a tally. Last but not least search your lover if he or she is not listed on sexual offender’s database. It is imperative not to rush into dates as there are cases of kidnapping, murder and rape from sexual offenders. For the first dates better have someone with you or a group to keep watch.