Online Dater Video Validation

Video validation – Eliminate Scammers


Advancements in technology have made dating easier and convenient remove previous pains of looking for love. Instead of hopping from one person to the other seeking love at times chasing engaged singles the internet now brings singles ready to love in the palms of your hands. Nevertheless, there are online preys who want to manipulate this wonderful love solution by pretending to be what they are not. To reduce romance scams online dating service providers have introduced a video validation system.

Online dating video validation

Once you are attracted by someone online and needing to be sure that you are dealing with the right person then video validation is your solution. The current website allows you to send a request to your target that they send a video to verify themselves. Most online dating sites have and are implementing this process to give you’re a piece of mind. Video validation provides a general location of your contact eliminating some misrepresentations of location by some scamming catfish. In addition, a request is given 24 hours to be processed meaning there would be scammers might avoid responding to these request. That will give you an idea whether your target is real or fake and the process is so easy, quick and worth using to alleviate anxieties , time and resource wasting on scammers.

Online Dater Video Validation

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