How to safeguard online affairs?

Maintain trust on online dating

Now that you have found your lover online and you are madly in love, so what is next? The next step is to establish a long term marriage relationship with solid romantic and intimacy foundation. The major question is what happens to you and your life partner’s online profiles and below are the suggestions for the next steps.

Deactivated online dating profile

There is no need to maintain your profile online as single and searching hence both soulmates must deactivate their profiles. This process will confirm your commitment to the new relationship. Keeping an online dating presence will signal that one is not satisfied with the newly found lover. It is imperative that both lovers agree to deactivate online profiles at an agreed time. In addition the couple can give a testimony on online dating platform. Other singles seeking for love will be encouraged by such testimonies hence thwarting an myth associated with online dating.

How to safeguard online affairs?

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